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“Governments never learn. Only people learn.”Milton Friedman

In line with the above quote reading "Governments never learn. Only people learn", the presence of businesspeople in the public sector is increasingly commonplace in today`s economic and legal reality. Large corporations are getting more and more interested in establishing government relations manager’s positions in their structures and the relationships between business and government administration are no longer perceived as "shady deals" and other "demons" of the Polish 1990s.”.

Today also the administration realizes the benefits behind the expertise and contact networks of business professionals. Committees established in particular ministries are headed by corporate lawyers and large companies are delegating their representatives to collaborate with public administration bodies. A certain current of information is thus created with benefits both for the business sector and for the administration itself.

In this respect Poland is only beginning to catch up with the rest of the world and the EU countries. Joining the Community gave us a fresh new look at how modern, digital democracies establish legislation and decide upon the interests of particular groups. Today the so-called government relations management sector is rapidly developing both in the individual EU Member States as well as at the top of EU institutions in Brussels. In the US the sector has been present throughout the very existence of the country and still undergoes rapid development.
Insights into the markets of the US and the EU clearly indicate a significant rise in the value of information as a determining factor for many businesses. On these markets information has long been considered a commodity for which there has been increasing demand. Considering this growth trend, as well as the growing need for information on the part of business, B2G Relations has taken on the task of sourcing data, analyzing the directions of development of particular economic sectors, widely understood legislative consultancy as well as legal analysis within the scope of Polish and EU legislation.
In Poland, however, there are still no specialized entities undertaking such activity that would constitute a certain channel of information between the two interested groups. As one of the very first such companies on the Polish market, B2G Relations successfully fills that gap improving the quality of relationships between all the parties engaged in decision-making processes. It is also clear that today both the business partners and the public administration officials expect professionalism from their counterparties. B2G Relations is not merely a transmitter of information, but also acts as a comprehensive consultant for business and the administration as well.

What is B2G Relations? It is one of the first players on the Polish market, providing specialized, comprehensive advisory and consulting services in the areas of legal and legislative support, and information and business relations with the administration.

Why B2G Relations

B2G Relations stands for Business-to-Government Relations, that is the ability to manage the needs and expectations of the business sector towards public administration. It is not, however, a form of lobbying, but rather a purely information-based type of activity related to the analysis of information and the process of establishing legislation in Poland and the European Union.

Keeping in mind that the Polish economy is constantly growing, we assume that companies will need ready access to clear and comprehensible information as basis for their strategic decisions. In today’s business reality whoever obtains key information first is the winner. B2G Relations will be your ally as well as a means to help win that race.

The aim of our work is simple - it is to deliver analyses and information on the developments in legislation that will allow companies to timely take strategic decisions.

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